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How to Maintain to Keep New Cars Running Smoothly

When a brand new car is purchased, a great deal of money is spent on this vehicle investment. New cars can last for ten years or more, and costly repairs can be avoided for the entire time the car is owned as long as it is taken care of properly. Routine maintenance should be scheduled and performed on a regular basis, and at home inspections and cleanings can help to keep a car in great condition as well. New cars require just as much work as used vehicles, but most people don’t think about this because their new cars run great.

What regular maintenance needs to be performed on a new car? 

When new cars are driven every day, hundreds of miles are put on the vehicle and regular maintenance is absolutely necessary to keep the engine and all car parts running smoothly. Oil must be changed after every 5,000 miles and a new oil filter must be put in place of the old one. Tires should be checked regularly for damage and wear, and air should be placed in the tires whenever they seem low. Also, brake pads and rotors should be inspected regularly so they can be replaced as soon as they start to wear down. On a weekly basis, oil levels and coolant levels should be checked and added to if they become too low.

Does a new car need to be kept clean? 

The inside and outside of cars can become quite dirty when they are driven constantly. The best way to insure that the outside of the car does not rust or become damaged from all of this debris is to wash it at home. A great car wash cleanser should be purchased and a smooth sponge should be used to scrub the dirt off the car. After the car is washed, a car wax should be used to protect the exterior of the vehicle. New vehicle washing is especially important for people who live in cold climates, because the salt that is placed on the road in the winter can eat away at a car. When it is too cold to wash a vehicle outside, a car wash facility is a good option to clean a vehicle. The inside of a car should be kept clean as well, and this can be accomplished by simply vacuuming and wiping down the interior.

When should a new car be taken in to the mechanic? 

New vehicles will sometimes have minor issues that need to be fixed right away. If a strange sound is heard coming from the engine or if the brakes start to squeak, then an appointment should be made with a mechanic right away. Also, if the vehicle is not starting, stopping or accelerating as well as it used to, then a full car inspection should be performed. A minor issue can usually be fixed right away at little expensive, but if car problems are left for months, hundreds of dollars may need to be spent, because engines can deteriorate when one or two parts are not working correctly.

New Cars Running Smoothly

How should a new car be driven to keep it in good condition? 

One of the best ways to maintain a new vehicle is to drive it properly every day. New cars have a great deal of power, and this means that new car owners will be tempted to race around in their cars. This should not be done, because a lot of wear is put on the engine, transmission, shocks and brakes when people slam on the gas and brakes when driving. Acceleration and braking should be done slowly, and this can be accomplished by being aware of speeds and surrounding traffic that may cause quick stops. To keep cars in great condition, potholes and bumpy roads should be avoided as well. Drivers should be aware of construction areas too, and stay away from roads and highways that are being worked on. Construction areas contain rough roads, flying stones and sometimes road debris that has not been picked up. This can cause a great deal of damage and wear. Alternative routes should be chosen whenever construction is noticed, and these roads should be taken until construction is completed.

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