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How to Get Gum & Other Goo out of Your Hair

Gum in the hair is one beauty disaster we all would like to avoid. However, sometimes it happens and we have to find a way to deal with it. The good news is you can get rid of the gum without cutting it out of your hair. Most methods of gum removal involve lubricating, heating, or freezing the area where the gum sits.

The following a list of six different ways to get gum out of your hair:

1. Try the classic peanut butter method. It is the oil in the peanut butter that helps lubricate your hair. Apply a generous supply of the smoothest, oiliest peanut spread you own to the area where the gum resides. Rub it in the gum as well as into the surrounding strands of hair, and underneath the area where the gum sticks. Just keep working at it with your fingers and/or perhaps a paper towel if you do not want to make a mess. Then pull the gum out as it loosens.

2. Use a toothbrush or comb to brush it out. Once you have rubbed the peanut butter into your hair in generous amounts, you can use a toothbrush or fine-toothed comb to brush it out. The trick is to sink the bristles of the toothbrush or teeth of the comb as far into the knotted gum mess as possible, and then pull.

Remember, you should do this not until after you have allowed enough time when rubbing the peanut butter in that the gum has dissolved enough. Also, you are fair warned not to try this without the peanut butter or you could cause yourself unnecessary pain.

3. Try using ice to remove the substance. The coldness of the ice or cooler pack can make the ice frigid, and as a result it will break apart. This of course makes it easier to remove. You can try this step after trying to remove the gooey substance with peanut butter or you can just use the ice as a standalone gum removal method.

4. Melt the ice with a hair dryer. This is one more very helpful method that works wonder. In this case, you would set your hair dryer on the lowest warm setting possible. Then, use it to gradually melt the gum and use a wet cloth or wet paper towel to help pull out the gum.

5. Use shampoo or conditioner. This step can help you after you have melted the gum with a hair dryer. You can dab a little bit of the shampoo or conditioner on a wet cloth and use that to help wipe your hair clean of the gum. After you had wiped with the cleansing or conditioning product you can then rinse out your hair, or just take a shower or bath if you want.

6. Soak the hair in a hot bath, or run under hot water. This can help loosen the gum substance enough so you can rub it out with a soapy cloth. You could also work a comb or unused toothbrush through the melting gum to get it out. In the process, make sure you do not allow the gum droppings to fall into the tub or you will have another mess to clean.

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