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How to Put on Fake Eyebrows

Do you have very fair eyebrows, unmanageable eyebrows, or thin/ultra fine eyebrows? Do you want an alternative to filling, tweezing, threading, and shaving your eyebrows? There’s an option out there for you, called fake eyebrows. Fake eyebrows are designed to adhere to the real hair on your eyebrows, and are easily attached following the instructions on the box. Use this option to get the best eyebrows that you’ve ever wanted.

  • Choose the Eyebrows that compliment your facial type and hair color. Fake eyebrows come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. Have fun with it. Take a friend along, and ask them which one you should try. Make sure that the color the eyebrows match your hair color, or at least come close to the natural color. If you have thick black eyebrows, light red ones will not look natural.
  •  Other purchases On top of buying the eyebrow kit, you might also consider making these other purchases:
  •  Eyebrow Pencil
  •   Stencil kit that includes paper, waterproof eyebrow liner, and powder to set. If you have thin or ultra fine eyebrows, this will help fill in the gaps between your real eyebrows, and the fake ones.
  •   Small scissors, used to trim the eyebrows
  •   Tweezers
  • Step One: Take your recently purchased fake eyebrows out of the case, and without adding the adhesive, assess how much you will need to trim off to fit your natural eyebrow line.
  •  Step Two Using the eyebrow pencil, line your natural eyebrows. If you have thick, dark eyebrows, you might be able to bypass this step. Take care and note where you are going to place the fake eyebrows, and mark it. After that, take the stencil paper, and trace out the shape that you want your eyebrow to be.
  • Step Three Trimming the fake eyebrows, be sure that you take your time, and cut off a little bit at a time. Remember, you can never undo what you cut off, so be careful as to how much you shape them. Double and check, using the tracing paper, that they are the correct shape and size before you apply them.
  •  Step Four: Time to Put On Following the directions, mix the glue, and apply it to the eyebrow. Let the glue dry to a tacky consistency before you attempt to put them onto your already existing eyebrows.
  •  Step Five: Using the tweezers, apply the fake eyebrows onto your real ones. Start in the area closest to the nose, and lay it out slowly. Make sure that they are in the correct place, because one you get them on, they will begin to set, and if any of it is wrong, it will be wrong for a few weeks. Wait a few minutes before you use your eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps. Use very short strokes, to make the brows look natural. Powder to set.

These eyebrows will remain on your eyes for a month without any other types of application.

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