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How To Reduce Laugh Lines

Ageing is something that happens to every living being and there is no escaping it. However, humans still try their level best to look younger, attractive and fight the signs of ageing! Apart from graying of hair, development of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin are possibly the most prominent signs of ageing. The laugh lines that become deeply etched on facial skin also bear testimony to the process, as it is. While you cannot erase laugh lines completely, it is certainly possible to make them less etched on facial skin.

Laugh Lines

Why laugh lines form and become deeply etched

With time, particularly after crossing 30, collagen production in human body takes a nosedive. Collagen is responsible for keeping skin tissues elastic. As a result the outer layer of skin becomes loosened and wrinkles start appearing. The repeated act of opening and widening mouth adds to it and laugh lines become deeply etched over the years. So, you need to find ways to thwart or slow down collagen breakdown.

Top ways to prevent deepening of laugh lines

For those with deep wallets, getting rid of wrinkles and laugh lines is relatively easier. They can opt for various plastic surgery and procedures like chin lift, nose lift and such procedures to get younger look and tighter skin. If you do not belong to that lot and do not think botox as a viable option either, there are other ways to look younger! You can try some lifestyle changes and use some natural remedies to achieve same results.

  • Lifestyle changes– some simple lifestyle changes can help you reduce laugh lines and wrinkles on your face. These are:
  • Giving up smoking– The chemicals used to make cigarettes damage collagen. Smoking cigars can actually accelerate skin ageing. This can also be caused by passive smoking.
  • Using sunscreen– The sun acts as a potent source of skin damage. Sunlight exposure for a long time can break down collagen leading to sagging skin and the appearance of fine lines. Using sunscreen can help you prevent skin damage caused by harsh sunlight.
  • Adequate sleep– Like every part of your body, the skin heals itself when you sleep. If you sleep less than required skin rejuvenation is interrupted and signs of ageing become prominent. So, you need to get plenty of sleep to fight back the signs of ageing of your skin.
  • Natural remedies– You can use a number of natural extracts like fruits, herbs and shrubs to fight skin ageing. These are:
    Lemon juice- its acidic properties may help tighten skin if you rub it on the face. Its vitamin C also fights damages caused by free radicals. However, people with sensitive skin should not apply lemon juice directly on their face.
  • Avocadoes– This fruit is rich in Vitamin E. Using mashed avocado on your skin can hydrate it and balance moisture levels. You may even mix it with honey and yogurt to form a nourishing face mask. Applying the mask once a week on face will help soften laugh lines.
  • Papaya– Applying mashed ripe papaya on your face and washing it will help soften the skin to an extent.
  • Dietary changes– Applying fruit and plant extracts to nourish skin from outside does help but you can augment the results by making some healthy changes in your diet. You should include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits that have antioxidant properties. Consuming these foods will help you a lot in fighting the damaging effects of free radicals on skin. You can also discard caffeine and switch to green tea for the same reason.

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