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How You Can Sterilize Tattoo Needles

The issue of reusing tattoo needles while giving tattoos to different people is a thing of the past. There are disposable needles for tattoos that help in making sure that hygiene has been given the first preference before giving any tattoos. Needles are very dangerous when they come into contact with bodily fluids. When you use one needle for a tattoo on more than one person, bodily fluids will be transmitted to a different person and so will pathogens. However, if you are a budding artist and you want to perform several procedures on yourself, you can use the same needles but you will have to sterilize it with steam sterilizer or autoclave after every procedure to ensure it is clean. Soaking needles in alcohol, boiling water, or even burning them has not proved effective when it comes to killing pathogens. However, you can use the following steps to sterilize your tattoo needles when you want to reuse them on your body.

    • You need to buy autoclave: you can buy steam sterilizer online or buy visiting drug stores. You can talk to tattoo proprietors to find out where you can get the best deal when it comes to the gadget. Inspecting the gadget before purchasing it is important so to ensure that it is in good shape.

  • You need to prepare the autoclave before you start using it: you need to put on your gloves then pick out the cleaning manual for your autoclave. You should follow all the steps indicated in the manual and use the necessary equipments indicated for cleaning the machine. Once all is done, the machine is ready for use and all you need is to place it in a level position for use.
  • Washing and soaking tattoo needles in bleach: you need to have your apron and rubber gloves on. Take a shallow bowl of soap and water, place your used tattoo needles in the solution, and scrub them. After rinsing the needles, transfer them to another shallow bowl of bleach and allow the needles to soak before removing them and rinsing them thoroughly.
  • Using the steamer to sterilize needles: you need to put your needles in autoclave basket and place them in autoclave that is filled with hot water to its lip reservoir. Close the machine, switch it on, and set the timer according to the machines specifications. Once the timer goes off, your needles are ready for reuse.


Another machine that has been discovered that sterilizes tattoo needle is ultrasonic cleaner. It cleanses microbes and invisible dirt.

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