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Steps in Using Tattoo Gun

Tattoos have existed since long ago. Different cultures had tattoos that had great significant when it comes to the different positions that different members of the community held. Some communities would have people with big tattoos while others with small tattoos and all this had some significance. To preserve tradition and culture, some communities still embrace their tools of old when it comes to giving tattoos to ensure that their heritage is not lost. These traditional tools for tattooing do not use electricity. However, we have the modern tattoo gun that uses electricity and you can use it when you want to get a tattoo or operate a tattoo parlor, as it will help you uphold hygiene. In order to operate the machine, you need to:


    • Carefully study the machine: the manual that comes with the tattoo gun will help you study the machine. If you are new to the tool, you will have to go over the manual several times until you are acquainted to the gadget and you can carefully handle it. The step-by-step procedure will help you learn how to operate the gun you have purchased and get to know how to use it.
    • Insertion of the needles: you will have linear needles that are arranged in a circular manner and shadier needle that are lined up straight. You need to ensure that the needles you are using are sterile and disposable. Before you are set to use the machine, you should ensure that the needles are properly fixed and sealed in their respective containers.
    • Plugging tattoo gun to power supply: the voltage of your socket should match that of your gun and it will set it whirling. You need to pour different inks in separate plastic trays and this will help you to put the ink in the needles.

  • Ready to tattoo: you need stencil on the body part you want to tattoo. After you have tattooed the body permanently, you need to properly dispose the needles and clean the gun so it is ready for use on the next client.


You need to dispose off your needles every time you are through tattooing one client. This will help you avoid transmitting diseases like AIDS from one client to another as the disease is easily transmitted by blood through needles.

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