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How To Practice Business Etiquette In Ecuador

Business is now conducted between countries and people that are all over the world. Countries are trading goods and services around the globe. International relations can be a be tricky, especially with there being so many different customs and traditions that are practiced in each country. Becoming familiar with the customs, traditions, and teachings of a country you are doing business with can help improve your customer relationships and help you build a more solid business foundation. If you are conducting business with customers in Ecuador, it is important that you brush up on some of the etiquette that will help business transactions and business trips run a lot more smoothly.

  • Dress Like A Professional. You should be sure to show up to any business meetings dressed appropriately. Do not wear revealing clothing, as it will offend your Ecuadorian business colleagues. This is considered to be rude. Men should wear a suit and tie while women should wear dresses or skirts. People in Ecuador prefer formal business meetings, so you should be sure not to wear something too casual for the occasion.
  • Have Meetings Over Lunch. In Ecuador, many business meetings are conducted over lunch. It is also customary for a few drinks to follow lunch, especially if it is a long meeting. It should not surprise you if your colleagues enjoy a few drinks during their meal either. It is normal to consume alcoholic beverages at meals, even lunch in Ecuador. Alcoholic drinks are even served during meetings.
  • Practice Good Manners. Be polite when addressing your Ecuadorian colleagues. Shake hands with them as you greet them. When you present your business card to your colleagues, have your contact information written in Spanish on the card as well as Spanish is the native tongue of most Ecuadorians.
  • Status Matters. Seniority or status matter to the people of Ecuador. If there is a group of business men, the oldest man in the group is given the most status. The oldest is often the one who asks the important questions and expects to be given answers. Even if you are not making a presentation to the oldest person of your group of colleagues, you need to take this custom into consideration while in Ecuador.
  • Take Your Time. During your business presentation you should be sure to take your time and explain your plan thoroughly. People from Ecuador are not known for their risk taking abilities. They like to stay on the safe side. You should be sure that all of your colleagues understand your proposal so that they can weigh the risks and the perks for themselves.

If you take the time to learn about the customs, traditions, and ways of Ecuador, conducting business in the country and with the locals will be a lot easier. You might even impress your colleagues by taking the time and interest to learn about another culture other than your own. This act of respect is sure to be greatly appreciated by others.

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