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How To Prepare An Exquisite Turkey Dinner On A Shoestring Budget

Turkey isn’t just for thanksgiving- you may want to celebrate the holiday season with a special turkey meal. Thankfully, enjoying a luxurious and exquisite turkey meal isn’t too costly- you can actually manage everything yourself and create a great meal from scratch that fits well within your budget.

Keep reading to know more about the best tips to prepare a turkey dinner on a shoestring budget.

Plan it Out

The best and foolproof way to ensure that you are able to host a good turkey dinner is to plan everything well in advance. It is wise to start sorting out everything atleast a week before the actual date of the dinner, especially if you’re looking to put in more time and effort to make it special.

Start shopping for things you may need to prevent last minute hurried shopping. Also look for good recipes online and shortlist the things you’ll be needing- this will help you stay in a better frame of mind.


Planning earlier will also help you stick to a budget and make note of how much is to be spent on what.

Get All the Prep Done

Getting all the prep done a couple of days before the dinner is also a good option. Start to cook other side dishes that can be stored. You may also want to finish all the chopping and grinding a day earlier to lessen the workload on the day of the dinner. Also have a quick browse through your pantry to double check if everything you need is available.
Plan your menu wisely- a lot of times, you may end up cooking dishes that don’t complimenting each other or look visually unappealing. It is therefore wise to check out some good recipes online and take note of everything- the color, texture and flavors you’ll be having.

Keep it Classic

The best way to ensure that you have a good turkey dinner is to stick to classic flavours while preparing the dish. It is best to avoid trying out recipes you haven’t really done earlier- keep the experimentation for later. Traditional recipes work best for two reasons- one, they are easy to cook and simple, and second, you can actually stay more in control even if you feel something’s not right with your recipe.

Sticking to simple flavors really does the trick when it comes to having an exquisite turkey dinner, and it also helps you stick to your budget.

The tried and tested combination of turkey with cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and green beans works the best every single time. Remember to keep it simple and minimalistic and not go overboard with flavors and different recipes.

Rev up the Decor

Nothing really spices up a meal like changing the décor of the dining area, and if you’re looking to make your dinner more elaborate and special, the best way to do it is to make some small changes to the décor. You could try getting new crockery and glassware to add a touch of classiness to the entire setup, or simply even change the setup and the way you usually arrange things on a table.

Another good idea is to check out tutorials online that teach you how to use napkins and spreads on the table in an innovative and classy way, which can actually make a huge difference to the entire dining atmosphere.

Following these simple tips will surely help you plan your menu better and set up a grand turkey dinner that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet.

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