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5 Healthy Tips To Boost Energy and Fight Fatigue

Our top tip for boosting energy and staying active all day is to eat regular meals, healthy snacks in a span of every three to four hours. Along with maintaining a healthy diet, the following things must be kept in mind:

1. Grab a Nap

Grabbing a nap of about 10 to 20 mins during the day can make you feel vigilant along with enhancing your mood and concentration. So, hunt for a place to lie down, but don?t lie for more than 20 mins or you?ll wake up groggy.

2. Take Natural Light


Moving out and spending time under natural light will boost your feel-good brain chemical serotonin, that further helps improve alertness and mood. The more time you can spend in natural light, the better you?ll sleep at night.

3. Workout Hard

Workout Hard

Exercise is an excellent way to recharge your body. Any amount of physical activity- even a 10-minute walk helps increase the blood flow to all parts of the body. Divide your workout at least three hours prior your bedtime to avoid a poor night?s sleep.

4. Eat Healthy to Gain Energy

Eat Healthy

Running low on sleep can affect ghrelin and leptin -hormones responsible for healthy metabolism. It can make you feel hungrier, leading to high-calorie cravings. This further makes you feel exhausted, when blood sugar crashes. So, start your day with healthy breakfast and don?t skip your meals during the day. Consuming one to three carbohydrate-rich snacks may also benefit you immensely.

5. Consult Your Doc


If you generally get enough sleep but you?re still feeling sluggish most days, see your doctor for blood tests to find out if you have a medical condition that?s affecting your energy levels. You may need an iron supplement or thyroid medication.

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