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How do Essential Oils Works – Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are important in boosting your health, wellbeing and beauty through detoxification and boosting your energy. They are a perfect alternative for providing your body, spirit and mind with satisfaction. Essential oils among nature’s most efficient tools in stimulating as well as storing positive energy which is crucial in attaining a healthy life. People have been using helpful essences of flowers and plants for spiritual as well as for medicinal values for ages. These days’ essential oils are widespread in the market, with numerous hops across the globe selling bottles filled with essences that serve numerous purposes ranging from skin, hair, stress, body as well as mood uplifting.


Use of Essential oils can be traced back as far as 5000 years; they were mentioned primeval Ayurvedic texts believed to play an important role in healing the body as well as the mind. Early Egyptians extracted Essential oils by infusion and used them for different purposes including religious ceremonies, embalming, healing, incense making, cosmetics and food preservation. Each god and goddess in primeval Egypt was given an essence. Ancient Chinese used essences for massage, religious ceremonies, incense making and for healing reasons. In the late 15 Century Babylon was the main market for the perfume business, with Babylonians extensively using pine, myrtle, juniper, fir resin and cedar. The Romans have been inspired by Greeks and Egyptians widely used Essential oils for fragrance, healing and cosmetics. This led to the spread and fame of Essential oils across Europe.


1992 Eastern State University Washington developed the first frequency monitor, which was meant to determine the average frequency of a healthy human body which was found to range from 62 to 72 Hz. If this frequency falls your immune system is compromised, for instance if it falls to 58 Hz you will start developing flu and cold symptoms. Further fall could result to other diseases including cancer. Canned or processed foods have a frequency of zero while fresh foods have as frequency of up to 15 Hz with herbs having up to 27Hz. The frequency of essential oils starts at 52 Hz and can go beyond 300 Hz creating a condition where disease, virus, bacteria and fungus cannot thrive.

How do they work?

Essential oils are quickly absorbed into the skin reaching the bloodstream within 20 minutes. Their fragrances activate nerve cells in your nasal cavity sending impulses to your limbic system associated with memory and emotions. Essential oils should be diluted in bath products, creams, and vegetable oils to avoid irritating your skin. Some essential oils such as lemon grass oil, oregano, cinnamon and thyme are very powerful and may cause skin reactions momentarily. Other essential oils like grapefruit, lemon and mandarin may cause your skin to become very sensitive to the sun and therefore should be used for not less than 12 hours before exposure. They are also known to react differently to different people; you should use the oil that works best for you. If you are interested in improving your health consider using these beneficial essential oils.

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