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How Running Can Change Your Life: 10 Benefits

Generally, you indulge into certain activities and chores with a purpose or plan in mind. People learn a new language for skill enhancement or join a gym for attaining a toned and fit body, etc. However, many are unaware that some generally overlooked activities can make a number of positive changes in life. Running fits the bill quite well in this context. Apart from athletes and professional runners, you will find a section of obese people resorting to this activity. However, running’s benefits extend far beyond weight loss.


Advantages You Obtain From Running

  1. Relaxation inducing activity– You will feel tired after running for a long time. However, the physical fatigue notwithstanding- running eventually helps you relax. Running in a serene environment with plenty of fresh air around is likely to calm and soothe your mind.
  2. It induces a sense of liberation– When you run, it makes you feel somewhat liberated from everything. You stop thinking about chores, job related woes and trivial thoughts in life. Especially, running in the morning when there is no noise or traffic on the roads does wonders for your mind. You may be amazed to feel how your mind can become so free from the cobweb of thoughts.
  3. Helps in toning body muscles– While most people prefer gyms for toning body, running can also be beneficial in this regard. The muscles in your legs and thighs in particular become stronger and toned when you run regularly. It can act as complementary to your workout regime for sure.
  4. Self esteem booster– Eventually running can be helpful in uplifting your self esteem. When you run regularly, your body becomes fit and the health improvements become visible. This helps boost your self esteem.
  5. Several heath benefits– While many people are unaware about the health benefits of running, they are numerous. The lungs get benefited by running quite a lot. When you run, your lungs function at their optima capacity. Your heart is able to perform optimally and as a result, blood pumping to body organs gets a boost. Researches have indicated running can be beneficial for keeping certain type of cancers at bay.
  6. A mood booster– Running eventually makes you feel better, say the experts. While running, endorphins are released by the body and these act as a mood booster. So, this can actually help you cope with negative feelings in a way.
  7. Change in Lifestyle – Lots of people do it unconsciously, but resorting to running helps them make better things in life.
  8. They eventually end up making better lifestyle choices. When you run regularly and get a toned figure it may motivate you to discard junk foods and switch to healthier eating habits. Some people may also feel motivated to quit handful habits like smoking in the long run. It may take some time for you to realize that running has been the sole factor behind these positive changes in life.
  9. Setting an example for others– It may sound a little philosophical, but running lets you emerge as a model for staying fit and healthy which juniors and friends can follow. When they see the positive changes you have made in life through this activity, they may be inspired to do the same. As it is, you will not need to explain things to them or sermonize- As the old proverb says- ‘Seeing is believing!’
  10. Enhanced socializing options– Running may eventually help you get new friends in life. Those who run regularly, are likely to meet fellow runners across the route. When it becomes a part of your schedule- interaction with such people becomes inevitable. Eventually, you may bond with some of them and they may become a part of your friend circle. It is good to have people with common interests in your life, after all.

There are not many rules that you have to follow as far as achieving the advantages of running is concerned. However, you should maintain a schedule for running. Morning hours are better than other timings. You also need to use proper running shoes and fitting attire to run without any problem or risk of injury. It may be a good idea to have a fruit juice, smoothie or some energy boosting food before you go for a run.

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