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How To Get Rid of Ascites

Ascites is an uneasiness experienced in the abdominal cavity. People who are under the siege of this condition experience fluid retention in their abdomen. Referred to as dropsy also, people who have liver disorders, certain cancers, and any kind of peritoneum related issues are more prone to ascites. Excessive alcoholism, tuberculosis, intravenous drug usage, and dialysis could also pave way for the onset of dropsy.

It is definitely an unfavorable condition where the person experiences abdominal distention and a wavy motion of the fluids as he/she moves. Studies also report that people experience loss of appetite and nausea. While there are no permanent solutions to this condition, there are a set of natural cures which could offer some kind of relief from ascites. Read on know how you can get rid of ascites naturally.


Effective Natural Cures For Ascites

  1. Garlic – A well known detoxifying vegetable, the presence of allicin enables it to be a powerful antioxidant too. Along with allicin, the presence of ajoene and alliin also bestows a healing effect on your abdominal conditions, including dropsy. Just 3 to 4 cloves of raw garlic can be consumed every day for three to four weeks to alleviate abdominal swelling and associated pain.
  2. Radish – Radish has the power to keep a tab on the way your digestive system, kidney, and liver functions. It is also known to be a good detoxifier that helps in eliminating the abdominal distention experienced due to ascites. Include ¼ cup of washed radish leaves in your salads. You can also make a juice out of 1 cup of washed radish leaves with water and consumed daily to get rid of dropsy.
  3. Fenugreek Seeds – These seeds are known to have multiple benefits for your digestion related issues, a common characteristic in people suffering from ascites. It also helps in easing the swelling as well as improving the appetite levels. Fenugreek seeds also helps in easing the fluid retention by increasing your urination frequency. Soak 2 tbsp of these seeds in 300 ml water overnight. Strain and drink the liquid on empty stomach to ensure better results.
  4. Bitter gourd – If the ascites is the result of diabetes, then your answer is bitter gourd. It eases the diabetes and cholesterol levels while improving the appetite levels. Remove the skin of 3 gourds and eliminate the seeds. Extract the juice. Mix this with water in 1:1 ratio and drink this thrice a day to ease ascites.
  5. Onions – Onions are one of the most effective solutions for dropsy. The diuretic nature of these veggies promote urination, and thus pave way for the elimination of the fluids collected in the abdominal cavity. You can make a juice by blending 2 raw onions, peeled, with water and consume it daily to ease ascites.
  6. Dandelion Root – The diuretic properties of these roots promote the functioning of the kidneys. Prepare a tea by simmering 1 tsp dandelion root in 300 ml water. 2 cups of this herbal tea day is effective to offer immense relief from the abdominal distention triggered by fluids. You can also use it along with rhubarb root for better results.
  7. Asafetida – Asafetida is a well known home remedy to ease the gas that gets trapped in the abdominal cavity, leading to unbearable pain. In this case also, your abdominal distention that arises from fluid retention as well as the gas can be eased by this spice. A pinch of asafetida with 1 glass of warm water is bound to ease the pain and gas.

Avoid drinking too much of water if you are suffering from dropsy as it exaggerates the condition. You should also curb smoking and alcoholism, while cutting down the intake of salt, fried, starchy, and spicy foods. You also have to work on your sleeping pattern as inadequate sleep is known to worsen fluid retention. Stay active and indulge in some light exercises to promote sweating and thus, eliminate the retention of fluids.

Try these natural solutions for ascites and stay healthy!

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