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How to Use a Zip lock bag in Ten Different Ways

At times, we keep getting bothered by a small problem for a long time, and then we come across a solution so simple that we feel a little embarrassed for missing it for so long. Problem is, most of us are not prone to changes, we avoid changing our habits, the food we eat, the things we use, or the routes we take … and this reluctance towards change can make us miss out on some much better and useful substitutes for our existing preferences. That is why it is so important to liberate our minds and think out of the box, and we will see that trivial things around us can make us happy, and solve many of our problems.

One of those small yet pretty useful things that can help us in more than one way is the zip lock bag. A reusable bag that you can open and seal back just like using the zip. They come in dozens of different styles and sizes. Following are some ways you can make the most of a zip lock bag in your everyday life. One of the best things about zip lock bag is that they are reusable and you can even wash them to use for different purposes, which makes them a lot more eco-friendly than the standard plastic bags.

  • Let’s start this list with the most interesting bit. Do a little research on Google with the keywords like “zip lock bag with water and pennies” and you will find many people sharing their experiences of how a simple zip lock bag that was half filled with water and 4 – 5 pennies has served as an effective repellent for flies. I haven’t personally tried it because we don’t have the problem of flies, but if flies are turning out to be a nuisance in your home, you can try this method for yourself and see if it really works.
  • One of the most common uses of zip lock bag is to carry snacks or sandwiches to your office, school, or even when traveling. Carrying your snacks in these bags is far more convenient than carrying those heavy lunch boxes with you.
  • You can store the fresh fruit slices like water melon in a zip lock bag and keep it in fridge, it will keep them fresh and clean. Later, you can take them out and eat or use in salad at any time.
  • There are various occasions when people distribute sweetmeats and confectioneries in their families or neighborhood. Small sized zip lock bags can be really handy to distribute these traditional treats on occasions like Christmas, Diwali or Eid.
  • Zip lock bags won’t leak, so you can use them to save your currency, documents, wallet, or mobile phone from water when going out in rain. If you live in a region where heavy showers are common, you should keep some zip lock bags at your home and in your office drawer. Talking of the office you can also use them to keep your important documents at one place. You can easily label these zip lock bags while using the marker, something you cannot do with a normal plastic bag.
  •  Use them to keep all sorts of greeting cards or post cards that you’ve received. So that, whenever you are feeling a little nostalgic, you can simply pick up that bag, sit somewhere and go through these cards one by one. You can also use them to keep stuff like stickers, stamps, or even coins.
  •  You can use the bags to carry gifts to the functions like Birthdays or weddings. It will look much better than a plain poly bag. Good quality zip lock bags will also protect fragile items (to some extent) like bubble wrap.
  • Use zip lock bags to store red meat or sea food in freezers to save other stuff from getting ruined by the water that keeps dripping from sea food. That will also save other items from getting affected by the smell of meat.
  • You can use zip lock bags to store tools like screw driver, ranch, bolts, screws, for easy access. Zip lock bags are also available with a hanger hole so you can hang them on a wall.

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