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How To Extend Your Iphone’s Battery Life

There are plenty of advantages of extending your iPhone battery life and the first and the foremost is that you will not have to charge it constantly or worry about charging it every now and then. Following are some simple and classical steps that would help your iPhone battery to stay charged for a longer duration.

1. Close the Unused Applications

When you are done with using an application, make sure you close it as leaving the application active will consume the battery even if you are not using it or the phone is in standby mode.

2. Keep the iPhone in a Cool Temperature

Make sure that you don’t leave your iPhone out in the heat such as car standing the direct sunlight. Try to keep the phone close to the room temperature.

3. Lower the Screen Brightness

It is not necessary that you see your phone on full brightness. Simply go to the settings, and then move to brightness and slide that to the left which will lower the phone’s battery and you will be able to see everything even in lower brightness.

4. Turn Off Networking Besides the Apps

You should also turn off the Wi-Fi or any other settings if you are not using the internet or any networking site. This can be done simply through the Settings, move to General then to Network and there you will find the options.

5. Turn Off the Bluetooth

Even Bluetooth consumes battery life so make sure you turn it off if you are not using it.

6. Shut off the Vibrations

If you are not in the silent mode, turn off the vibration settings. Go to Setting, then Sound there you will have the vibrate option.

7. Connect with your PC

When you are working on your PC or laptop, hook your phone into the USB port. The phone will get charged and you will download any new iPhone software or iTunes.

8. Switch off the Music Equalizer

Switch off the equalizer of your song playlists by going to the Settings then to iPod to EQ.

9. Lock your Phone

When you are placing the phone in your pocket or purse, make sure you lock the phone so nothing would happen if something accidentally touches the screen. You may forget to lock the phone each time so it is better if you set it to auto-lock and that you can so by going to the Settings then to General and to Auto-lock option.

10. Maintain the Battery

It is said that you charge the phone fully at a time then charging it in chunks. Apple itself says that you should make sure that you charge the iPhone’s battery fully at least one time in a month and then letting it completely drain out. In this way the electrons keep moving which is good for maintaining the battery’s life.

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